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Reeves at Lake Eola

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Reeves House at Eola

If you want to step out of your door and be at Lake Eola, as well as enjoy holiday fireworks displays from your private balcony, then the Reeves House at Lake Eola is for you.

Situated across the street from downtown’s Lake Eola, Reeves House offers great views and a convenient location. In fact, it’s just down the street from Panera Bread, one of downtown’s most popular meeting spots for coffee with friends and causal business meetings with colleagues. And if you live at Reeves House, you’ll skip the hassle of competing for parallel parking spaces along Lake Eola.

Reeves House is popular choice for those who prefer properties with a lower resident turnover because it’s primarily owner-occupied. If you have pets, however, you should know that only those residents “grandfathered” in can own pets, regardless of whether you own or rent.