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How To Price Your Home

Pricing your home to sell is one of the most single and important factors to selling your house. The biggest question I get is,”How much is my home worth“? Underpricing your home is never recommend and overpricing your home can leave your home stagnate on the market longer than it has to be.

We have several years of experience and knowledge on how to price your home for maximum price and a fast sell.

Is price everything?
Your home price is not everything when it comes to selling your home. There are several factors that go into selling your home quickly. We perform a walk-through on every home we list and make strategic recommendations that can be made to sell your house promptly.

Staging your home is recommended if you have the time and/or budget. Homes that are staged or if you perform our recommendation will sell about 30% quicker. Having the knowledge of what to do to sell your home will save your family time and money.