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Jose ‘Olé’ Mussenden Named Orlando’s HOT 100 Realtor, Again!

Jun 10th, 2015 by Jose Ole Mussaden Leave a Comment





Featured in Orlando’s Magazine as a HOT 100 Realtor for a second year in a row, Jose ‘Olé’ Mussenden continues to provide top notch service with The Olé Group! The ‘Hot 100’ Orlando’s Realtor award is for those real estate professionals who pride themselves in getting results. According to Orlando’s Magazine, “Whether you’re trying to buy or sell real estate, getting the best deal means finding an agent who possesses savvy and know-how and gets results. Orlando magazine’s list of “Hot 100” real estate professionals are some Central Florida agents who have demonstrated those skills.” Jose, unsurprisingly, happens to be one of them.


Jose Mussenden, also known as Jose Olé, believes that because life is short, you should spend it doing something you love. For this entrepreneur, that ‘something’ is helping people find their dream homes. As Orlando becomes an increasingly vibrant and desirable place to live, work and play, he and The Olé Group is poised to help usher in this new era in the city.


By mastering the art of doing business in New York City, an incredibly competitive market, Jose gained the understanding of an urban area’s inner workings. Eventually, leading Jose to enjoy the opportunity to watch The City Beautiful grow and evolve as an exclusive REALTOR® for Star Tower. Star Tower condominiums are located in the highly coveted Thornton Park area, in which, Jose specializes in, as well as the luxury high-rise properties in the downtown area, Winter Park, Baldwin Park and other neighboring communities.


Honored to be a HOT 100 Realtor for a second time, Jose works with a dedicated team who knows that real estate is the art of becoming a valuable advisor, not a salesperson and The Olé Group, is just that…valuable advisors building lasting relationships with our clients.

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